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Martin is one of the world's most sought-after speakers in customer experience and customer centricity, who has taken centre stage at many leading global events and presented keynotes and strategic sessions for some of the world's biggest brands. such as Toyota. GSK. Pandora. Meta and more. Martin not only entertains. inspires and educates, but he also delivers actionable insight for any business audience.

Martin Newman speaking at events
“Incredibly engaging (and humorous) keynote! Thank you for an outstanding presentation. You captivated the audience and provided a real practical step-by-step guide to putting the customer at the heart of a multichannel business. We’ve had great feedback – real great content – and appreciate you joining us. Cannot stress how worthwhile you were. 100% recommend booking.”

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Martin Newman, is one of the World’s leading authorities in customer centricity and customer experience. Elevate your event, dinner, in-house strategy day, or workshop with Martin's transformative insights and dynamic keynote presentations. With a profound understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of customer expectations, Martin crafts engaging and impactful keynotes that resonate with diverse audiences.

experienced and trusted keynote speaker

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Martin brings a wealth of experience from his 40+ years in retail and consumer facing brands. His expertise extends beyond theory, as he draws from real-world examples and success stories that captivate and inspire. Whether you are navigating the challenges of digital transformation, cultural change, honing your customer engagement strategies, or seeking innovative approaches to drive customer lifetime value and sustainable business success. Martin's keynotes are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Martin Newman speaking at events
Martin Newman speaking at workshop

creating powerful insights to businesses

Each keynote is a masterclass, blending thought leadership with practical strategies. Martin Newman doesn't just speak; he ignites conversations, sparks ideas, and leaves a lasting impact. Discover the power of a keynote speaker who doesn't just share knowledge but transforms it into actionable insights, guiding any business towards a customer centric and more profitable future.


Here are some of Martin’s core topics, but if you have something else in mind, get in touch. Martin always tailors his content to you and your audience so you never see the same presentation twice.

Customer Centricity:
The Building Blocks of Future Success

We all talk a good game when it comes to ‘being customer centric’ or ‘putting the customer at the heart of all we do.’ But what does that really mean? To be truly customer centric you must think about all that you do and not just the experience the customer sees. How you treat your own colleagues, your culture, your approach to diversity and inclusion and the environment, your values and purpose as an organisation, how you use technology to empower both your colleagues and your customers, how you move from transacting to building relationships and how you measure what good looks like. These are all building blocks to being a customer centric business. Martin brings case studies from around the world of brands that do all of this well and what the outcome is.

Martin Newman speaking at events

Turning customers into fans:
How to achieve an emotional connection with your brand

99% of businesses have customers; they don’t have fans. That is because we still look at customers as a cost centre rather than a profit centre. Often great at bringing them in the door through acquisition marketing but have little to no focus on retaining them and building their lifetime value. Martin will demonstrate how the most successful companies have been able to create an emotional connection with their customers to the point where they are fans of their brand rather than seeing themselves as customers.


In this engaging presentation, Martin challenges the conventional ROI model and introduces ten fresh metrics that truly matter to consumers and foster lasting value for businesses. Align with customer values, build trust, and embrace social responsibility to guarantee commercial success. Uncover practical strategies and real-life examples from successful brands as Martin delves into each of the 10 New ROIs. Learn how to reshape your business mindset and practices, from personalised customer engagement to leveraging actionable insights for performance improvement. Join Martin in reimagining success with customer-centric models that drive loyalty and growth and sustainable growth.

Martin Newman speaking at events
Martin Newman speaking at events

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast:
Winning The Hearts and minds of both colleagues and customers

You can have the best-looking strategy on paper, but if you have a poor culture, it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on. Martin will bring practical examples of businesses with great cultures to help you plan how to improve yours’, so that you drive engagement with both your employees and your customers and build a more sustainably successful business.

The New Retail playbook:
Getting Ready for The Next Phase of Digital Evolution and The Metaverse

We all want to know what’s coming next. Martin has a track record of predicting what’s coming down the line and how we should be planning for it now. Bringing a realistic view of how consumers will adopt digital, omnichannel, the metaverse and more to help you plan your roadmap for transforming your business to meet customer needs now and in the future.

Martin Newman speaking at events
Martin Newman speaking at events

Measuring What Really Matters:
Turning data into actionable insight and Customers into Fans

Almost all the KPIs we measure tell us nothing about how to improve our business. They are outputs and measures, not inputs, that drive actionable insight. Conversion rates, average order values, units per transaction, dwell time, abandonment rates, unique visitors, returning visitors, returns rates and so on. These are the ‘how’, not the ‘why’. Martin will bring insight of all the inputs and ways to capture the insight that can help to transform your businesses. From NPS and CSAT to the voice of the customer and the voice of our colleagues,  demonstrating how the most successful brands and paying attention to the insight that really matters.

why BOOK martin?



Martin brings his wealth of KNOWLEDGE to life. Drawing on his 40 years of experience working with consumer-facing brands.



Martin EDUCATES his audience with real-life examples, facts and frameworks so that the audience leaves with practical ways to start implementing what they have learnt.



In a rapidly changing market, Martin has his finger on the pulse of consumers' behaviours, wants and needs offering up-to-date ACTIONABLE INSIGHT.



Martin’s DELIVERS time and time again. Martin’s client list includes major corporations, CEOs, conferences, leading brands and associations from around the globe, regularly receiving five stars and top speaker.



Martin INSPIRES and EMPOWERS his audience to create positive change for their consumers, employees and the environment.



Martin will ENGAGE with your audience at all levels. Customer Centricity affects every part of your business, from the CEO to frontline staff.



Martin brings the perfect blend of HUMOUR and STRATEGY. Your audience will be captivated and entertained.



Martin is an EXPERT in customer experience and customer centricity. The author of two best-selling books, creator of the Mini MBA in Customer Centricity and TOP 50 Retail Influencer, you will be in good hands.


BUSINESS experience

Martin has scaled and sold a successful global BUSINESS and draws on his wealth of experience building and scaling a consumer focussed business.



Martin’s content is DIVERSE, rooted in retail but RELEVANT to all consumers facing businesses and B2B.


“Incredibly engaging (and humorous) keynote!Thank you for an outstanding presentation. You captivated the audience and provided a real practical step-by-step guide to putting the customer at the heart of a multichannel business. We’ve had great feedback – real great content – and appreciate you joining us. Cannot stress how worthwhile you were. 100% recommend booking for CX focused keynote presentations.”

Retail Week

“Martin joined our management team last week for our annual two day strategy review. He is truly an expert on customer centricity in a multichannel environment. He stretched us and challenged us through engaging presentations as well as helped us articulate key strategies with a focus on digital and customer centricity.”

Xavier Simonet

CEO and Managing Director, Kathmandu

“Martin was the opening keynote speaker at Metapack’s annual Delivery Conference, TDC Global 2020. He delivered a great presentation on the roadmap to customer centricity, focussing the audience on a key theme for the day – the importance of putting consumers’ expectations and experience front and centre of their business’s strategy to drive customer engagement . His passion for the subject and energy on stage saw him rate as one of the top speakers of the day.”

Joanna McDonough

Event Director, Metapack

“Martin’s knowledge and experience in the retail space makes him a thought leader. His business knowledge and professional delivery style made the event a winner.”

Mark Fenton


“Martin’s knowledge and experience in the retail space makes him a thought leader. His business knowledge and professional delivery style made the event a winner.”

Mark Fenton


"The first word that comes to mind when I think of Martin – Inspirational!  He is a leader who personifies customer centricity and is able to articulate it in practical, common sense ways that very few people are able to, yet everyone who interacts with him can easily digest. A leader who is able to engineer the most complex business plans through putting the customer right into the centre of them and help organisations build a customer first culture and  business models.  If you are looking to build a sustainable business that is future proof ready, designed for the customer of today and tomorrow, Martin is unquestionably the man you want with you every step of the way!"

Rizwan Rajpoot

Managing Director, Digital Retailing, Al-Futtaim

“Martin is the most dedicated customer focused professional I know. A man with a mission his energy is infectious. Martin is a consummate professional, motivational leader, market visionary and true customer champion. A veteran of the retail landscape, his passion to do right by the customer is inspirational and his thought leadership in this area will undoubtedly pave the way for companies and retailers to truly understand ‘how’ to be Customer First and sustain their long term business profitability.”

Nadine Neatrour​

eCommerce Director, Revolution Beauty

“Martin was booked to speak about how brands can better understand consumer behaviour at our national conference but the Coronavirus lockdown meant we pivoted to an online Virtual Summit instead. Whilst some people struggle to have an impact on screen, Martin's keynote presentation was fun, engaging and incredibly thought-provoking. Our audience valued his real, practical advice backed by hot-off-the-press research and data. At a time when businesses need to truly wow their customers, I would recommend Martin to speak at any event - either live or online.”

Amalia Brightley-Gillott

Managing Director, Family Business Place

“Martin joined our client management conference as keynote speaker on customer centricity. His focus on purpose, inclusivity and return on involvement brought a totally different perspective to our focus on key corporate clients”.

Jeremy Metson

Partner, Head of Business Development, Knight Frank

“I have known Martin for over 8 years and have had the pleasure of working closely with him on a number of large transformation projects covering IT systems transformation as well as organisational change programmes.  

Martin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the ecommerce and digital landscape through his work with some of the most significant retail brands, both as a consultant but more importantly, as a practitioner.  

His understanding of the levers that influence retail performance is vast and he has a unique ability to seamlessly transition between strategic thinking and detailed operational execution.  

However, his biggest strength is his ability to see everything through the eyes of your customer and his constant challenge to his clients and partners is to focus on delivering the very best customer experience.  That isn’t easy for most people and yet Martin can explain the hardest concepts in the easiest of terms.”

Andy Harding

Chief Digital Officer, Arcadia

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Customer Centricity Masterclass

Join this insightful masterclass and learn the key building blocks that define what being a customer-centric business really means.

Martin Newman

Strathclyde Business School

A two day in person Customer Centricity course in Glasgow with Martin and Professor Spiros Gounaris. New dates released soon.


MBA in a Day

Martin hosts his MBA in Day for YPO Scotland on 7th March. A strategic workshop for business leaders.

Martin Newman

Retail Fest

Martin is back at Retail Fest for a keynote at their US conference on January 24-26 at Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego.

Martin Newman speaking at events

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