Martin, an expert in Customer Centricity, brings you a world-class practical and educational experience. With a rich tapestry of knowledge and insights, he offers a transformative journey through his educational and strategic offerings, including the Mini MBA in Customer Centricity, the MBA in a Day, and engaging guest lectures and workshops.

Martin Newman
We engaged Martin to deliver his MBA in a day in customer centricity to our team in Oslo. It was a fantastic, inspirational day full of collaboration and insight and has provided us with key opportunities to further improve customer experience and a plan of what we need to do internally to be fully customer centric in the future.

Astrid Kristine Bjerke, Verisure

MBA in Day


Are you a consumer-facing brand that wants to future-proof your business? Or a B2B business that wants to get ahead of the competition? 

Ready to truly understand how Customer Centricity is the silver bullet to sustainable success? How it affects each part of your business, and what to do to make lasting changes for you and your customers?

If you are concerned about the rapid change in the economy, consumer behaviour, customer churn, retaining and engaging your talent, and the potential barriers and friction in your customer experience, then creating a Customer Centric organisation is key to staying ahead of the curve in these changing times.

This immersive interactive day will educate, inspire, and uncover key ways to adapt your business to put the customer at the heart of everything you do. You will gain insight into your business and what is working and what’s not, and come away with quick wins to improve your customer lifetime value, employee engagement and how to measure your business success.

Martin will tailor the MBA in a Day to your business, challenges, and objectives.

Martin Newman speaking at workshop

Mini MBA in Customer Centricity


Martin has partnered with the Oxford College of Leadership and Management and Oxford College of Marketing to create the first-ever Mini-MBA in Customer Centricity.

This is the must-have course for business owners and senior management across consumer-facing sectors who want to ensure the future success of their business. Or anyone who wants to fast track their career by improving their knowledge and customer experience.

This MBA will help you future-proof your business and be ready for the next generation of consumers. Customer Centricity is far broader than most businesses understand it to be, so much more than what happens when someone walks into a store. It touches every aspect of an organisation, from what you stand for and your culture to supply chain and diversity.

You will learn how to drive customer-led change within the business and the KPIs and measures that will give you a far greater view and insight of what’s working well and what’s not and what needs to change to maximise the sales and profitability of the business.

Made up of 10 on-demand modules plus four live online sessions, the course takes approximately 13 weeks to complete. You will be required to complete all ten modules and a practical assessment project to achieve the ‘Mini MBA in Customer Centricity’.

Lectures and workshops

Martin hosts guest lectures at universities and business schools. You can book Martin to speak to your members and delegates or form part of your syllabus. Martin will bring his expertise, frameworks and knowledge on Customer Experience and Customer Centricity tailored to your requirements and industry.

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“Flexible, Varied and Engaging”


GSK Consumer Healthcare

"Essential learning for anyone who wants to put the customer at the forefront of their organisation”



"It is valuable to anyone in any industry. In a world where the cost of everything is going up, consumers truly hold the power and can be easily turned off."

Tristan Wootton


"The Mini MBA has been really useful in giving me an insight into how to consider running the business to ensure it is fit to serve its customers, particularly that decisions can be challenged where they go against customer needs"

Ciara Charlotte Munnelly

"MiniMBA in Customer Centricity is an eye-opener course work that compels one to experience the world through the lens of the customer. When I started the course work, I found the whole experience of Customer centricity evolve in interesting ways and touched all the critical success factors influencing the customer to engage and become a patron to a brand. Martin's approach to coach through case studies enables one to remember and recollect the appropriate strategies to use when building a Customer Centric organisation."



"The course is fantastic, Martin's view on the customer is refreshing and one I share in my role. The course gives you the tools to implement change in your organisation; even the smallest change can make the biggest difference. I would really recommend this course, if you have the opportunity, please do it. We need more people out there with the customer centricity approach."

Karyn Milligan

Head of Customer Experience, Schuh

“The seminars were fantastic, Martin was very impressive and engaging” Delegate, GSK Consumer Healthcare. It has largely helped in my new role as I move back into HR as it helps with the understanding of how people strategies impact a business' ability to be customer centric. It has also helped me in understanding how ideas are best recommended to the business - in terms of what gains these ideas can bring.”


GSK Consumer Healthcare

"Martin came to South Africa to deliver his MBA in a Day bootcamp to our senior team. It was a truly insightful day that got us thinking about how we can leverage an even more customer centric approach when dealing with our clients and how we operate as a team, our culture and employee engagement. It was great to get everyone together to discuss new strategies and ways of working as a team. Not only has it given us lots to think about, but we have already implemented many of the quick wins from the day and are already seeing positive results. Martin shared his expertise in a clear, fun and engaging way and ensured everyone interacted and got the most out of the day. He really knows his stuff!"

Des Warner

CEO, Synergy

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