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The State of the High Street & How Retailers Can Build Lasting Engagement

19th September 2018
martin newman kogan page The State of the High Street & How Retailers Can Build Lasting Engagement

Martin Newman discusses the current state of the high street and how retailers can build lasting engagement, in this video from Kogan Page.

In the video, Martin sits in conversation with Professor Malcolm McDonald, marketing expert and emeritus professor at Cranfield University.


The two industry experts discuss the disruption currently taking over the retail space, and how becoming customer-centric can help high street retailers retake some ground. Topics such as store proposition, personalisation and brand management are covered.


Martin is the author of the book 100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experiencepublished by Kogan Page and co-authored with Malcolm McDonald. In the book, Martin offers tips and advice to all consumer-facing verticals.

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Martin interviews Andy Harding – Practicology Conference 2016

13th February 2017
andy harding interviewed by martin newman

Andy Harding, former Chief Customer Officer for House of Fraser, speaks to Martin at the Practicology Conference in 2016.


In the video, Andy talks about the experience gained in the role, and offers up some of the lessons he has learned. He and Martin discuss customer-centricity in the retail space, as well as how Andy applied this at House of Fraser.

They also touch on the use of technology within House of Fraser and the development needed to push your brand forward.




About Andy

Andy Harding is currently the CEO of Alamy. In the past he has held key roles with other brands such as Carphone Warehouse, Ryman and BHS. He is also an advisor to Poq and Yext.

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Retail multichannel inspiration during Practicology conference

13th July 2016
martin retailers multichannel retail

Martin speaks about retail multichannel inspiration at the 2016 Practicology conference.


One thing Martin emphasizes is that there is no one golden path to multichannel success. Rather, a brand must weave together a comprehensive multichannel experience.

The power no longer sits with the retailer. The advent of the internet and more advanced technology means that the customer has more choice and power than ever before. The onus is now on the retailer to make each customer journey as seamless and hassle-free as possible.  Martin brings in examples from Target, Doddle and as retailers who are going above and beyond with their customer propositions.

Practicology created ‘The Customer Mix‘ as a response to ‘The Four Ps’ of marketing; a new tool to help not just with customer acquisition but with customer retention. As Martin says, “Once someone’s given us their hard-earned cash, what are we doing to get them to come back to us?”

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BBC World News – Martin Newman on Black Friday

25th November 2015

Martin was invited onto BBC World News to discuss the growing phenomenon of Black Friday, and what it means for UK retailers.



Black Friday is a relatively new player in the shopping world, coming up behind Chinese Singles’ Day and Indian Diwali as a nationwide event. Traditionally the first Friday after the American Thanksgiving, Black Friday normally heralds price cuts and savings for shoppers as the influx of spending pushes businesses into profit for the first time in the year.


Martin discusses the repercussions of Black Friday in the UK market; whether the revenue collected is worth the extra effort of buying in to Black Friday, or whether it’s incremental in the run up to Christmas.

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E-commerce Tips & Expert Advice: Understanding the changing market & customer

13th March 2015
martin newman discusses the changing market and customer

Martin joins fellow ecommerce afficionados experts to discuss the lure of the online market, in this video from ITE Global.



The foursome discuss the rapid evolution of ecommerce in the retail space, and the potential for more intuitive channels. Retail is a fast-changing terrain, and it is clear that businesses must learn to adapt to stay relevant.

Martin talks about the contrast between mobile and desktop shopping, and the way in which consumers embrace portable shopping.


Read more of Martin’s thoughts on mobile shopping here.

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